Car Wash Accessories

Activation, Water Treatment And Chemicals

Unitec Portal TI

Interactive marketing options, secure payment technology and remote management capabilities make Portal TI your premier choice as a car wash automated payment system.  Product highlights include:

  • Loyalty programs with RFID, cards and coupons, up-selling opportunities with every sale
  • Numerous payment and change dispensing options- bills, coins or credit card via dial up or internet processing
  • Remote management to control options any time, anywhere
  • POS interface allows flexibility to sell at the register or gas pumps
  • Post-sale advertising videos
  • Custom voice greetings

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Unitec Wash Select II POS

This automated car wash payment system is the complete solution for retail sites like convenience stores and gas stations. When the POS 4000 interacts with the Wash Select II, cash registers and gas pumps are integrated with the car wash allowing sales at any point of purchase. The Remote POS4000 option enables owners to sell wash codes at various locations without internet connections or cables. Additional selling capabilities and accounting controls make the Wash Select II with POS a versatile management tool with features like:

  • Interface with WashPay to consolidate multiple transaction-type reporting
  • Flexibility to accept credit cards, coins, bills, tokens, VIP Wash Pass and coupons
  • Fleet accounts via multi-use codes with remote management
  • Choice of Mars or Coinco bill validator
  • Detailed accounting reports sorted by cash, coupons, credit, token and fleet
  • Optional custom voice greeting
  • Complete accounting reports on demand

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PurClean® Spot-Free Rinse Systems and PurWater® Water Recovery Systems

CWE&S is an authorized distributor of all New Wave Industries products. PurClean Spot-Free Rinse system will enhance the quality of the wash you provide as well as your customers’ wash experience when visiting your wash location! The PurClean system and its effective use of Spot-Free water will rinse away all residual chemical and city or mineral laden water (including reclaim water) and allow the entire vehicle including all glass, chrome and painted areas to dry perfectly Spot-Free!

The PurClean Reject Recapture system guarantees the Operator optimum, cost-effective use of the PurClean Spot-Free Rinse system by providing a means of 100% utilization of all water processed through the system. The recaptured water, although not final rinse quality is quality water that can be effectively utilized by directing it to a number of accepted wash components and eliminates the need of introducing costly fresh water for the application.

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Cat Pumps

CWE&S is an authorized distributor of CAT PUMPS, a manufacturer of quality, industrial, positive displacement, triplex piston and plunger pumps and custom engineered pumping systems with over 40 years of experience in industrial high pressure systems.

CAT PUMPS are triplex, high- pressure, liquid pumps known around the world as dependable, continuous duty, long-life pumps. The triplex design of our piston and plunger pumps delivers a smooth, low pulsation flow. The positive displacement design of our piston and plunger pumps delivers a constant output from .25 to 240 GPM at pressures from 100 up to 10,000 PSI.

  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Life
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Dependable

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Lustra, Ultra Flex, Solutions Direct, Turtle Wax and Qual Chem Products

We are an authorized distributor of Lustra, Ultra Flex, Solutions Direct, Turtle Wax and Qual Chem.

Our full line of chemical products include detergents, waxes, pre-soaks & drying aids all formulated specifically for the car wash industry to ensure consistent performance.





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